The first chef-designed lid

What happens when a chef lets loose his mad-scientist tendencies on go-cup beverages?

The perfect lids.

Hot Beverage Lid

Our Hot Drink Beverage Lids capture aromas and distinctive flavors in specialty coffees and teas. Our patented shape guides your mouth to the sweet spot, and keeps the barista’s hands elsewhere for a healthier, more hygienic experience.

No-Straw Lid

We’ve solved the problem! You no longer need both a lid and a straw to sip a beverage. With our recyclable No-Straw Lid you can increase the overall beverage experience while reducing the use of nonessential one-use plastic straws.

Tap-Top Lid

Our Tap-Top Lid captures beer heads. A good beer has a fluffy foam, and with the tap-top, there’s ample room for it. Bartenders snap the lid in place, and then simply fill the cup with brew, allowing foam into the lid and not down the drain.

Let’s Talk Lids!

Adding Lid Logic to your beverages upgrades your customers’ experience. Your customers will appreciate the excellent functionality and the logical design.