Lid Logic’s founder, Sam Brannock, loves latte. Not so long ago, Sam would grab a cuppa joe at a quick stop. Yet it left him wanting something more. The typical flimsy lids could wreak instant havoc, with substandard openings that slosh hot liquid, burning his mouth or staining clean shirts or the car

Instead of accepting a poor product, Sam dreamed of a better design.

In odd hours he’d sketch out ideas using pencil and paper. His light-bulb moment came while modeling leftover floral foam (pilfered from his son’s school project) and coating it with epoxy. He soon brought his wife into his coffee-fueled scheme.In their early days they’d talk late into the night about building better food—Sam was a recipe developer in a test kitchen at a major magazine, while Wende worked in food science and R&D for major food corporations. Those midnight talks turned their dreams into reality.

Meanwhile, Sam gathered a professional team to debut the lid. He hired a product development firm to construct a plastic prototype and assembled a team with know-how to share the business side. Chapman University conducted a marketing study with student participants responding overwhelmingly positively to the prototype based on comfort, perceived control, safety, and aroma.

Today the patented design changes the way people want to drink hot and cold beverages. Crafted with kitchen know-how and engineered with culinary skill, Lid Logic caters to folks with a passion for flavor and ergonomics.

The result? Our fully caffeinated, chef-crafted Lid Logic.

Still interested? Watch this video for the full story: