What happens when a chef lets loose his mad-scientist tendencies on go-cup beverages?
The perfect lids.

  • Lid Logic​ controls the amount of beverage you sip. No one wants to get sloshed by piping hot coffee or have macchiato stains on his or her shirts. 
  • Lid Logic is comforting to use. Stop and think for a moment. Where do you put your nose when you drink from a lid? Lid Logic has a logical answer in its patented geometric shape.
  • Lid Logic captures aromas, and hence each beverage’s distinctive flavors. The diamond shape directs the aromas to the nose, and the tiny hole in the top allows those flavors to waft straight into the drinker’s aroma palette.
  • Lid Logic even helps you drink in the dark. Come on. How many times have you actually ordered a cup to go at dark-thirty in the morning, and then sleepily fumbled to find where to put your mouth in the dim light of your car? The Lid Logic shape guides your mouth to the sweet spot. That same design also keeps barista’s hands off that spot for a healthier, more hygienic experience.
  • Lid Logic’s sturdy structure doesn’t fall apart as you snap it on the cup. The quality construction is a recyclable alternative to flimsy plastic lids as well as the long-lasting metal go cups sold at big box stores. Plus, the geometric shape allows you to fill the cup to the rim without spills.
  • Lid Logic allows you to drink the whole thing. Other lids trap liquids at the bottom, and when you toss the used cup in the floorboard of your car, the dregs can soil the carpet. Lid Logic’s patented pinch technology allows you to enjoy the final drop. And those times when you don’t have time to finish it, the lid keeps the last sip contained.
  • Lid Logic’s unique beveled edge allows for advertising/branding.

Why choose Lid Logic for hot beverages? Watch this video:

Interested in Lid Logic for cold beverages? The video explains all:

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